'CroatiaTouristGuide' helps you explore small but beautiful country Croatia providing detailed information about Croatia and its destinations. Find cities, islands, lakes, mountains, cultural heritage, hidden beaches etc.

Application requires internet connection because data is fetched from central database which is constantly updated with new data (destinations, user reviews, recomendations etc) so you always have latest data without a need to update application or download content to your phone. Currently, application supports two languages - English and Croatian.

Browse destinations in Croatia by type (islands, cities, beaches etc), by county, by your current location, search by title or you can check our recomendations or top rated lists. View destination description, find main informations, browse through gallery, or view additional destinations or points of interest related to the selected destination. Add destination to favorites list, send e-mail or make a phone call if you're interested in more information. Read users reviews and find out most interesting destinations for you.

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Application is divided into following categories:

About Croatia
  Read information about Croatia (description, culture, geographical informations, population, phone code etc)
  Croatian-English dictionary
  Croatia gallery
  Holidays in Croatia
  Important phone numbers
  Currency converter (EUR, USD, CHF, AUD, HUF...)

  Browse by destination type (beaches & coves, cities, culture, islands, lakes, national park, natural beauty, nature park, small towns, parks, rivers, squares...)
  Browse by county
  Our recomendations
  Top rated destinations
  Favorites list
  Your reviews
  MyLocation - locate destinations around you

Destination details
  description, destination type, county, address, contact (mobile, e-mail), web
  add to favorites list, make a phone call, send e-mail, visit web page
  user reviews for destination
  map of destination (locations around selected one also shown on map)
  related destinations / what to see

  user data
  choose language


App version:   v1.0
Release date:   20.07.2011
Supported platforms:   iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch)
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1,99 $
- iPhone and iPod touch running version 3.2 software or later
- WiFi, Edge, or 3G network
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